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Meet the Team

Owners, Johan & Retha Geyser

Levo tours was originally founded in 1990 by Otmar and Merrilyn Leippert. After Otmar’s death in July 2004 the Company operated under the leadership of his wife, Merrilyn Leippert.

In March 2008, Merrilyn decided to take a break and son-in-law Francois and daughter Cathy Visser took ownership. In May 2012 they turned their focus on another business venture and Levo Tours was sold to Johan and Retha Geyser.

Johan and Retha believe that everything in business is negotiable, except quality!  "We are still running the business with the same enthusiasm and first class service our clients are accustomed to."

Pieter Geyser

Pieter joined the company in June 2012. His friendly personality ensures that there is always plenty laughter and a lot of excitement on our dolphin tours.

In addition to being an outstanding skipper & guide is Pieter also responsible for all the maintenance and mechanical work on the boats.

Ruan Geyser

Ruan joined our Company in May 2012 as a Skipper. He is a very enthusiastic and passionate guide and sees that his guests on board are comfortable and enjoying themselves.

Ruan also manages the marketing of our company.

Ina Havenga

Ina joined the Company in July 2008 as our Office Manager. With more than 18 years experience in the Tourism Industry, it is Ina's passion to deliver outstanding service to our clients.




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